Friday, April 9, 2010

Before the trip

Preparations for India were not so much fun...and costly nonetheless. This included all of my shots/pills and insurance, as well as other nessesary purchases to make traveling easier (and lighter).

I admit I am heavily influenced by the Beatles. Obvious or not, music was a huge factor in my decision to go to India. Architecture is the reason why I went, but I expected culture and spiritual perspective to be the big eye-opener. I listened to the song "the inner light" by the Beatles alot and the line "the farther one tavels/ the less one knows." really stood out in my mind. I had spent alot of time with the international kids this year and I feel like I've learned alot but in the process I've only begun to realize how much there is to know out there...Before I left my glass was full; when I came back it was empty.

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